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Mindful Music: Series Two

An inspiring pre-recorded online fun dive into what really happens when music crawls inside your mind. You’ll never listen to music the same again. Music lovers... get your feet propped, a cold drink poured, and the popcorn bowl filled. Prepare to leave the musical shallows for deep places you’ve never gone before. Series Two provides four hours of intriguing “music and mind” education, insights, and music. Discover three secrets you never knew about the music you love, and three new intriguing interviews with national music artists who share their own insights and personal music. 16-Adult

Whimsical Animal Necklace

Meow, hoot, woof! The possibilities are many when it comes to the peyote stitch. Why not challenge your peyote skills to stitch up a whimsical cat, dog, or owl mini pouch necklace? This odd count tubular peyote method starts by building both sides of the pouch from the bottom up, from one line of beads. In addition, learn the twisted herringbone stitch to make a fun strap to complete the necklace. Ears, feet, and tails can be added for more details, as well as face design. Larger beads and metal findings can also be added if so desired. 16-Adult

Beginner Macramé Wall Hanging

Learn the basics of the knotting art of macramé! We will learn easy ways to measure cord and up to 5 basic knots. With these knots, you will be well on your way to creating many more macrame projects. You will feel so rewarded going home with your very own wall hanging completely made by yourself! 16-Adult

Black & White Darkroom

Enter the darkroom to experiment and have fun with silver process black and white photography. In this class, you will learn how to develop film and create unique, handcrafted gelatin-silver prints from your negatives. Although you should already be somewhat familiar with the controls and operation of your camera, this class will encourage you to explore ways to use your camera as a creative tool while gaining a better understanding of exposure, depth of field, lighting and composition. This is an opportunity to hone your photographic skills as you expand your artistic vision! 16-Adult

Start Your Week with Studio Practice

Join us to create dedicated time in your weeks for your creative practice! If you've been looking to incorporate more art into your life, this class is for you! We will experiment with mixed media 2D and sketchbook techniques with a focus on creating a regular space for play, self-expression, and loosening our creative minds. Explore everything from line and texture to mark making and word art, plus creative community conversation topics each week! Adults

Mindful Mondays: Expressive Embroidery Exploration

Join us to make dedicated time in your week to relax and create art using thread and fabric! We will explore hand-embroidery techniques to create incredible works of art that can hang on walls or be directly created onto wearable pieces. We will explore and play with colors, fun stitch techniques, texture, shapes and more- all via fabric and thread. Finally find a good use for your scrap collection or make your favorite pants even cooler. Great for an experienced stitcher to loosen up their practice or a beginner to learn some new skills. The instructor will discuss what types of fabrics students should bring in to embroider in class. Adults

Drawing From Life: Develop a Daily Sketchbook Practice

Develop drawing skills and cultivate daily creative practice by sketching from life. Learn to loosen your hand, frame your composition, and capture simple moments to create a cohesive body of work (and perhaps a lifelong habit!). We will use simple, portable materials that make it easy to incorporate drawing into your everyday routine. You'll leave with a sketchbook and new practices to explore. This class includes walking field trips to local drawing locations and more. Adults

Mini Masters

Have you heard of Picasso, Matisse, O'Keeffe, or Van Gogh? These are the master artists we will learn about in this class! Create a self-portrait styled after Pablo, cut paper and collage like Henri, paint magnified blossoms like Georgia, and create a starry night painting courtesy of Vincent. Mixed media and a bit of art history come together in this class for a playful approach to making art. Ages 6-9

Try It: Ceramics | Clay Figure Sculpting

Have you ever wanted to just try it, without the commitment of taking a full class? 90 minute sessions of wheel throwing, hand building, or figure sculpting will give a taste of clay without the pressure to create a masterpiece. Adults

The Secret Garden

An art journal, bound in class together, will be used to create pages inspired by the notion of gardens. We will focus on how to combine some mixed media with painting. Pressed flowers and vintage ephemera for collage, colorful tissue activated with water to create puddles of color, flowers in the abstract and expressive sense with paint, and a bit of magenta to celebrate the color of the year. This class encourages the discovery of personal style, intuitive painting, and playful expression. 16-Adult

Zentangle® Basics and Beyond

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It is a meditative and mindful way of creativity. This course will take you through the basic philosophy and terminology of Zentangle® and introduce you to a variety of patterns and techniques. Whether you are a beginner or have some tangling experience, you will find something new in this course. 16-Adult