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YAM4B Painting 101

Learn painting techniques, brush skills, and how to use various paint mediums in this short, three-week, hands-on course.

YAM3B Hand-Built Pottery

Learn the basic principles of building pottery with your bare hands.

YAM2B Color Our World

Add color to artwork by learning the basics of color theory while enhancing artistic young drawing skills.

YAM1B Drawing 101

Learn about line, shape, form, and texture, and how it can improve any budding young artist's drawing skills.

MCA4B Winter Painting Ornament Keepsakes

Create your own winter-themed painting and ornament keepsake.

MCA3B Handprint Keepsakes

Design and construct your own fall-themed handprint keepsake.

MCA1B Charcoal Drawings

Learn about vine charcoal and its uses in drawing.

P3 The World in Blue

Learn how to create your own cyanotypes on fabric with photographer and exhibiting artist Shannon Johnstone.

P2 The Joy of Pinhole Photography

In this workshop you will construct your own camera from simple materials and use it to photograph outside before returning to the darkroom to develop your images!

P1 Black & White Film Photography

Step into the darkroom to explore silver-process black-and-white photography.

A96 Sculpting the Figure in Clay

Learn the basic, traditional techniques of sculpting the human form out of clay while creating a statue from photos and drawings of models!