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Beginning Wheel Throwing

Build on your basic skills of wheel throwing and further your understanding of clay. Complex functional and decorative forms, refinement of throwing skills, and advanced decorative and glazing techniques will be shown and discussed. We'll review and critique fired results to foster the development of your personal style. Ages 16-Adult

Watercolor in Nature

In this course, we will be explorers of the world! We will learn new watercolor techniques as we are inspired by the nature around us. Every day we will take our sketchbooks out to the park and paint from observation, so be sure to wear sunscreen! We will observe and paint Pikes Peak from the park, and we may even find flowers and paint them up close as Georgia O'Keeffe would. So, grab your paints and some paper, and let’s create in nature! Ages 9-12

Introduction to Murals Workshop

This fun, two-day workshop is all about how to create murals! We will walk through the entire process of executing a mural including working as a team, finding a wall location, talking with the building owner, formulating a proposal, concept drawings, and the final production of the collaborative interior mural will be executed on an interior wall at Bemis School of Art. Ages 12-16

Watercolor in Nature

Welcome to watercolor in nature! A class that combines the beautiful outdoors and teaches us how to paint from what we see. Be prepared to start in a studio learning new techniques and then head to a park to practice what you just learned. Ages 16-Adult

Fundamentals of Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is one of the basic skills all artists should have. I have developed a formula to teach drawing the human body that ensures most people are successful after just a few lessons. The first step is the stickman, then we look at the fundamental areas of bulk in the body, and finally there is “bubble boy”. Once you have mastered “bubble boy,” we will continue to smooth out the form. Ages 16-Adult

Exploration of Pinch Pots

In this course we will be exploring the creation of pinch pots! We will learn how to make pinch pot creatures and flowers using a pinching technique with our hands! We will practice the process of layering multiple mediums: on day one we will work with clay and form, while painting our creations the next day! Ages 6-9

Introduction to Watercolor Techniques

This watercolor introductory course is designed for beginners with a desire to learn watercolor painting techniques. If you are more advanced, you might learn something new or brush up on some skills! Through various exercises and demonstrations, participants will learn about the medium and techniques for creating their own watercolor paintings. Ages 16-Adult

Creative Clay Creatures

Join this clay class to make animal inspired projects that include an animal face plate, a snake guarded pencil holder, and more. We will learn how to use basic handbuilding skills and techniques to construct successful pieces. Various glazing and mixed-media techniques will be used to finish our pieces to perfection! Ages 9-12

In-Person: Military Artistic Healing

There are many benefits to using art to express emotions — art can offer a healthy outlet and an alternate way to communicate something that one cannot always put into words and provides a safe containment for emotions that are expressed. Reflecting on art supplies healing and connection. Increase personal management of life stressors by practicing artistic exercises outside of class to help with trauma. Together, we'll practice for progress, healing, connection, retreat, creativity, confidence, clarity, and calm. This class includes a bi-weekly visit to the Fine Arts Center Museum. Adults

ArtTrax: Painting I

This course covers the basics of using watercolor including mixing colors, creating texture, and basic painting techniques. Bemis ArtTrax is a new curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting, drawing, and sculpting through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art but rather on developing a basic skill set through practice and repetition. Ages 16-Adult

Pottery with a Purpose

Have you always wanted to learn to throw on the potter’s wheel or are you hoping to improve your wheel throwing skills? This course is perfect for you. With a little manipulation and alteration, your “first try” creations will look amazing! Learn basic wheel throwing plus some handbuilding skills as well. We will explore various glazing techniques to enhance your projects. Your pottery pieces will make a good home for plants, pens, and brushes, or can be useful dishes in the kitchen. Ages 16-Adult

Line Work and Glowing Watercolor

In this class we will bring the line work of drawing and the luminosity of watercolor together in this addictive technique. We will practice layering sections of color to represent shapes or draw first and drop in paint. Or try the experimental approach by throwing paint randomly and allowing it to speak to you. Matched or mismatched, the results will add interest and movement to your painting. Finish by adding the details like layering more paint or more drawing. The choice is yours! Ages 16-Adult