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Mindful Music: The Virtual Series with Molly Lord

A wildly inspiring online fun dive into what really happens when music crawls inside your mind. The first of this pre-recorded series provides you with four hours of intriguing “music and mind” education, insights, and music. Discover three secrets you never knew about the music you love and three intriguing interviews with national music artists exploring their insights into those secrets and weaving their personal music into the dialogue. You’ll never listen to music the same again. Your job is to relax, push play, and listen. 16-Adult

Leveling Up: How to Create a Solo Art Exhibition

In this short lecture-style workshop, Sophia Hanna will go over the basics of how to acquire, plan, prepare for, and execute a solo art show! Sophia had her first solo show at 11 years old, followed by 4 more from 2018-2021. She's also actively preparing for her largest solo show to date in 2023. With trial-and-error expertise derived from so many shows under her belt, she's ready to show you how to do it and do it well! 16-Adult

Raku Leaf Shadowboxes

This class, for beginning and intermediate skill levels, will teach the basics of the Raku firing process in creating shadowbox wall hangings imprinted with fall leaves. You will finish with matte and gloss copper or crackle glaze before firing your art to hang and enjoy. Tools and materials are provided, just bring your imagination and join the serendipitous fun of the Raku firing process! Adults

Square Plates and Mugs

Get square! Explore the exciting possibilities of building square plates and mugs. Learn to handbuild with soft pre-textured clay slabs using flat patterns that fold up into 3-dimensional forms to create dynamic and self-expressive plate and mug sets. Glazing for textured surfaces will be taught. 16-Adult

Portraits in Oil

Inspired by Rembrandt’s palette and layering techniques, this class will provide a solid foundation for developing portrait painting skills and/or expanding and enriching your current practice. Informed with the instructor’s years of personal development and experience, the approach is a simple, step-by-step process designed for minimal anxiety and a solid foundation to continue to expand your skills confidently after the class ends. Non-toxic alternatives to the traditional mixing mediums and paints will be covered. As the course ends, adding one’s distinctive mark to these fundamental oil painting techniques and color palettes will be discussed and implemented. Adults

Enameling: Layered Images

This workshop explores using multiple layers of enamels to evoke a mood or tell a story. We will explore the different effects of light on transparent and opaque enamels and the shimmering qualities of light reflecting off metal through fired glass. We will consider the visual and metaphorical use of layers and balancing image clarity with ambiguity in service of the concept and design in the piece you complete. 16-Adult