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Mandala Journey

Join Anne Hosanah Roe on this artistic journey as you explore your inner landscape through guided meditation and creating your own personal mandala. Experience the magic and mystery of your soul’s infinite wisdom, guidance, and imagination. Throughout history and in many cultures, mandalas, meaning circle in Sanskrit, have embodied wholeness and interconnectedness to all life. Basic instruction in using aqua crayons, colored pencils, ink, metallic pens, and other materials provided. In loving support, you will connect to your inner muse and create beautiful art. Ages 16-Adult

Enchanted Textures of Taos, New Mexico

Taos’ light, color, and culture have inspired modern artists for over 125 years to create inspirational and memorable paintings. Taos is especially stunning in the autumn with glorious textures and colors. Professional artist and instructor Martha Mans will concentrate on water media and gouache painting with a special small presentation about how she creates her casein paintings, which is becoming an increasingly popular medium. She welcomes acrylic, oil, and watercolor painters to join in this fabulous adventure. Adults

Tuned-In: The Soundtrack of Your Life

Tuned-In... where psychology meets the music you love. Discover what really happens when music crawls inside your head. Two wildly fun, life-changing days with very cool people and intriguing dialogue offer life-altering insights and deep music listening from Bach to Rock. Explore how six human behavior patterns (archetypes) –the victim, wanderer, warrior, caregiver, innocent, and magician–aim to run your life's show. Discover how to choose music to positively direct that show to the outcome you desire. Lunch, refreshments, and supplies are included. Adults

Fiber Fusion Collage

Using a heat method (not glue) we will create various textural compositions with fiber, plastic fabric, and notions. These gorgeous tactile and layered compositions are embellished with colorants (spray inks and pastels) wax, and stitchery. Make frameable individual pieces as well as multi-hanging collages for windows. Adults

Mythology & Monsters

We will be exploring our imaginations through storytelling and art. Beginning with several mythological stories told by the instructor and following up with a creative drawing game called "exquisite corpse" played by surrealist artists. Afterwards, you will be encouraged to focus on handbuilding and sculpting clay mythological creatures or a monster of your own creation, and finish painting with underglaze. Ages 6-9

Food + Function: Pasta, Tiramisu, and Wine Tasting

What could possibly be better than pasta? How about homemade pasta with tiramisu and wine pairings! In this edition of our Food + Function series, learn how to create an array of different pasta shapes from a homemade dough, whip together a decadent tiramisu, and enjoy it all together with a few wine pairings. Expert Bon Appétit chef Ed Salazar will walk you through every step of this culinary journey. When it’s time for the taste test, you’ll get to pick out a custom dish made by CC clay artists to eat your pasta out of and take home. Ages 21+

Whimsical Monsters

Create fun and expressive monsters using simple handbuilding techniques of pinching, adding elements and textures. Exaggerate facial expressions and body parts on your monster to express emotions. This process will use air dry clay and acrylic paints. Ages 12-16

FREE! Community Print Shop Open House: Instant Silkscreen Quilt

Calling all community printmakers! Interested in learning about the new Bemis Community Print Shop? Join us for a free hands-on open house workshop with Printmaker Kate Leonard. We will be demonstrating Thermofax and Miscreen printing techniques – two versatile silkscreen approaches beloved by mixed media and fiber artists. We will work on a large collaborative “quilt” of images, while discussing upcoming programs and facility access. Ages 16-Adult

Pastel Flower Workshop

Experience the beauty of the purest color medium in the art world. Delve into the vibrant world of pastels, where you will have the option to work from a real, still-life flower arrangement, examples provided by the instructor, or your own pictorial source—explore your creativity and try them all. There will be an hour-long lunch break, so please bring food and drink. Ages 16-Adult

The Natural World

The imagery of the natural world will serve as our inspiration for this class. Think science colliding with art and where this can lead the imagination! We will explore butterfly wings, sea creatures, bugs, galaxies, and more. By looking up close at nature's gifts and using pastels, gel pens, colored pencils, and acrylic paint we will discover how the world around us is full of ideas for making colorful art. Ages 6-9

Water Marbling Workshop

You will learn three different traditional techniques in water marbling. Throughout this process, learn how to let go of artistic control and find beauty in the creative process. You will create three unique works of art to take home the same day. Ages 9-12

FREE! Community Print Shop Open House: BYOB Conversation with Jean Gumpper

Calling all community printmakers! Interested in learning about the new Bemis Community Print Shop? Join Kate Leonard and Jean Gumpper for the first BYOB (Bring your own Brayer) event!! We will be designing and carving “punny” lino blocks while discussing upcoming programs and facility access. All designs and blocks will be donated to the shop for general use and future use during programming events at the Bemis Community Print Shop. Ages 16-Adult

Comic Book Collage Box

We will explore the technique of collage by using a single comic book to tell a continuous story. We will each choose a wooden vessel to carefully glue hand-selected sections of comic book to every side. The goal of this class is to understand deco podge techniques and use collage to convey a message. Ages 16-Adult

ArtTrax: Painting

This course covers the basics of using watercolor and acrylics including going over supplies and materials, mixing colors, creating texture, and basic painting techniques.  Bemis ArtTrax is a curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting and drawing through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art but rather on developing a basic skill set through practice and repetition. No prior knowledge or experience in the medium is needed or expected. Ages 16-Adult

Community Print Shop Open House: What is a #3 Crayon? A Lithography Intensive

This workshop with Kate Leonard is open to professional artists interested in participating in the fall lithography program at the Bemis Community Print Shop. No experience in printmaking is needed to participate, but the workshop is best suited to artists with experience and confidence in drawing (experience in monochromatic drawing with charcoal, pencil, or black Prismacolor). Instruction occurs over two consecutive Saturdays and attendance for both sessions is required. Participants will be introduced to drawing on a lithography stone and the basic processes of image planning and development. Artists who complete this training workshop will be eligible to apply to work in the fall lithography program at the Bemis Community Print Shop for a one-month residency - to draw on a stone in the shop, print with an assistant, and produce an edition of 15 lithographs. Ages 16-Adult

FREE! Creative Mending

In this class, participants will master practical embroidery techniques while incorporating beading and patchwork to infuse their garments with personality and flair. From covering tears with intricate stitches to embellishing them with colorful patches and beads, each repair becomes a unique expression of artistry, turning imperfections into beautiful features. Join us for a hands-on workshop where sustainability meets style and every mend tells a story of ingenuity and individuality.

Partner Wheel Throwing

This workshop is meant for a pair to enjoy a unique evening of creative clay constructions! You and your partner will learn the basics of pottery wheel throwing as you create and decorate your very own clay vessels to cherish for years to come. Your handmade creations will be clear-glazed and fired for you after the workshop and can be picked up to take home three weeks later. Please note the differences in the workshops. Adults

FREE! Block Printing: Eraser Stamps

Using a simple eraser as their canvas, participants will learn the intricate art of carving personalized stamps under the guidance of skilled instructors. From intricate patterns to whimsical designs, each student will craft their unique stamps, ready to breathe life into paper and fabric with the magic of block printing. Join us for a day of creativity and hands-on exploration! Ages 12-Adult

Ski Paintings

Utilizing palettes crafted from authentic skis provided by the Colorado Ski Furniture Company, we will fashion our own painting. Dive into the creative process with enamel paint, allowing for vibrant and dynamic artwork. Let’s immerse ourselves in this innovative painting experience, blending artistry with the spirit of skiing culture! Ages 16-Adult

Florals Up Close

Painting with an up-close view allows us to work creatively with a very traditional subject. Fill the paper, take the petals off the edge, be creative with design all while incorporating atmospheric techniques and embellishments. The possibilities in watercolor painting are endless! There will be a 30-minute lunch break, so please bring food and drink. Ages 16-Adult

FREE! Jewelry Basics

Embark on a new jewelry-making adventure, where budding artisans will delve into basic beading and the art of wire wrapping. Children will unleash their creativity- crafting stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. With a focus on self-expression and skill development, this class promises a memorable journey into the enchanting world of jewelry crafting. Ages 9-12

Watercolor Skies with Mountains

Discover the art of Jen Aranyi, known for drawing simple, abstract mountain ranges, and painting skies with watercolors using special techniques. We will explore the diverse ways to use pen and ink for the landscape and mountains. This will require some drawing skills, but do not let that intimidate you, this class is for everyone! Ages 9-12

FREE! Woven Coasters

In this class, you will learn to create stunning coiled fabric and yarn coasters and we encourage you to bring your own fabric scraps to upcycle! This workshop provides the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into materials that might otherwise be discarded. Join us and unleash your creativity while making a positive impact on the environment, one coaster at a time. Ages 12-Adult

Geometric Plates and Mugs

Explore the exciting possibilities of building various geometrically shaped plates and mugs. Learn to handbuild with pre-textured clay slabs using flat patterns that fold up into 3-D forms. Design your own flat patterns and texturing tools to build geometrical and self-expressive pottery. Ages 16-Adult

Image Transfers with Gelli® Arts Printing Plates

You will have the opportunity to discover the best method for creating image transfers on the Gelli® Arts Printing Plate! You will explore the basic Gelli plate techniques, then move on to more advanced methods for image transfers. Have fun printing and learn new skills that you can continue to explore long after the class ends. Ages 16-Adult

Paint, Print, Collage Express

Begin with exploring Gelli® Plate printing on handmade papers: rice, mulberry, tissue paper, and more. Create designed papers with applied stencils, stamping, inks, and paint techniques. Finish by collaging your gems on various surfaces to create fabulous compositions. Adults

Paint an Oil Portrait

Join us as we bring our knowledge of the basics to a new level! You will have the opportunity to walk through the basics of oil, sketching, layering, value, and detailing and apply it all to one painting to see how all these elements work in unison. Adults

Beading on a Loom

Be introduced to bead weaving using a loom, where you will receive comprehensive instructions and all necessary materials. Dive into the creative process with guidance and explore innovative ideas to spark your inspiration for future loom bead weaving endeavors. This immersive experience will equip you with the skills and confidence to continue crafting your own unique bead weaving projects independently. Ages 16-Adult

Dare to Oil Paint

Join us as we develop skills and begin painting in oils with confidence! No matter if you are a beginner or ready to freshen up your painting skills. You will learn how to approach painting a monochromatic still life set up in a clear logical progression. Dare to paint in oils and you will leave this class with your best painting yet! Ages 16-Adult

FREE! Crafted Memories

In our scrapbooking class, students will explore the art of memory preservation through various materials. Participants will learn to blend textures and colors to create visually captivating narratives from magazine cutouts to whatever scraps your heart desires. With the added ability to print personal images during class, students can infuse their collages with the essence of their own experiences, resulting in unique and deeply meaningful works of art that tell their own stories. Ages 16-Adult

Food + Function: Dumplings

Dive into the delicate art of dumpling making! This Food + Function hands-on course will teach you how to craft dumplings from scratch, create delicious fillings, and master the dumpling folding technique. When it’s time for the taste test, you’ll get to pick out a custom platter made by CC clay artists to eat your dumplings on and take home. Ages 14+


Join us on an underwater adventure to meet and paint some fishy friends along the way! You are going to learn painting techniques with acrylic medium. We will practice expressive brushstrokes, how to apply value, color mixing, and more artistic ways to complement the sea and its wonderful sights! Ages 6-9

Introduction to Mosaic Art

Let’s learn the basics of mosaic art while making a wall hanging or trivet from a selection of Mexican ceramic tiles. You will learn how to layout the design; cutting, fitting, and gluing tiles; and how to grout. Repeat students will be able to complete a more complex design. Ages 16-Adult

The Sky is the Limit

For a truly inspirational landscape, the sky is optional. We will learn to create powerful skies that will affect the mood of the day—or night. Experiment with color, shape, and value transforming your watercolor paintings by using simple, fun techniques. There will be a 30-minute lunch break, so please bring food and drink. Ages 16-Adult

La Foret – Art and Acting in the Forest

Enjoy an outstanding arts education with instructors from the Fine Art Center’s Bemis School of Art set in the lush forest at the 400-acre La Foret Conference and Retreat Center. Stretch your imagination! Experience a variety of artistic styles and techniques, including painting, printmaking, and mixed-media art while exploring elements of composition and design. Cultivate your acting skills, voice, movement, and characterization with theatre games, mime, and improvisation. Art and acting will come together on Fridays with a special showcase performance and art exhibit for friends and family. Ages 6-11

Teen Wheel Throwing

Join us to experience the ancient art of throwing on the potter’s wheel. We will learn basic wheel throwing techniques and skills, making bowls, mugs, and more. We will explore various glazing techniques to enhance your projects. Projects and demonstrations can be tailored to a variety of interests and abilities beyond the basics. Ages 12-16

In-Person: Military Artistic Healing

There are many benefits to using art to express emotions—art can offer a healthy outlet and an alternate way to communicate something that one cannot always put into words and provides a safe containment for emotions that are expressed. Reflecting on art can supply healing and connection. Increase personal management of life stressors by practicing artistic exercises outside of class to help with trauma. Together, we will practice for progress, healing, connection, retreat, creativity, confidence, clarity, and calm. This class includes a bi-weekly visit to the Fine Arts Center Museum. Adults

Beginner’s Pottery

Have you always wanted to learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel, but were concerned about how the pieces will look? With a little manipulation and alteration, your “first try” creations will look amazing! Learn basic wheel throwing and handbuilding skills in this course and enhance your projects with various glazing techniques. Ages 16-Adult

Wheel Throwing: Wolfe Approach

Where do you draw the line between practice and finished product? What makes your pieces exceptional? Join us as we explore the differences between learning how to throw and deciding what to make. Design, plan, and execute pieces that you are happy to show off. Ages 16-Adult

Exploring Watercolor

Discover the unrivaled and endless possibilities of watercolor. Build a repertoire of skills from choosing materials to creating brilliant colors, radiant blends, shadow, and light. No need for natural talent, just the desire to learn the limitless possibilities while incorporating traditional and experimental methods and having tons of fun in the process. Ages 16-Adult

Virtual: Military Artistic Healing

Discover the techniques to inspire creative skills and gain greater self-awareness. Explore possibilities, develop your creativity, and gain personal insight through working with a variety of controllable mediums. Learn therapeutic techniques to heal from past trauma issues. All classes will be virtual. Adults

Let the Clay Speak

We will learn new techniques to create more advanced wheel thrown forms. Also, we will have the chance to pursue hand building, sculptural work, or a combination of these methods. The class is open to intermediate and advanced level students. Ages 16-Adult

Create Your Own Tarot

Interested in tarot? Are you a beginner or a seasoned reader? We will learn about the art history of tarot cards, their various systems of symbolism and interpretation, as well as basic image making techniques to create your own deck of tarot cards. By the end of this course, you will have learned the basics of tarot and created the first 22 cards (the major arcana) of a tarot deck, or the full 78 cards (the major and minor arcana), if desired. Ages 16-Adult

Gesture Drawing

Do you love drawing human figures, but have difficulty drawing them in complex poses or showing movement? Join us as we practice sketching proportionate people in more natural, action poses. These classes warm you up with quick gesture drawings, then ease you into longer times. Come ready to pose yourself and have fun! Ages 12-16

Fun with Toy Cameras

Come explore the excitement of capturing the world around us using black and white film and inexpensive, plastic toy cameras, or antique/vintage cameras. This will be a darkroom course too, so some experience in black and white film processing and printing is a plus but not required. You will learn to creatively compose photographs without the aid of today's digital technologies. Ages 16-Adult

Enameling: Expression and Interpretation

Let’s apply our skills with the materials and techniques of enameling toward conveying emotion or interpreting an idea! We will develop ways to communicate our visions via the qualities of glass on metal—transparent, opaque, bright, or subtle colors; texture; reflectance; and others. You may complete the course with a single finished piece or various explorations—wherever the Muse takes you. Ages 16-Adult

Handbuilding Clay Works

Learn fun ways to hand build ceramics. Using the slab roller, the extruder, templates, and found forms, we will be able to make imaginative and useful works highlighted by textures and our own personal touches. Final decoration will be from a choice of glazing techniques to finish your pieces to enjoy and use. Ages 16-Adult

Teen Handbuilding Ceramics

Join us as we offer some new perspectives on ceramic handbuilt works! The extruder, the slab roller, textures, glazes, and construction methods will be explored and open to all levels to explore according to individual interests. Final works will be glazed and fired for lasting pieces to enjoy and use. Ages 12-16

Plant & Animal Platters

Learn basic slab construction techniques to handbuild plant or animal themed platters using templates, texturing tools, and textured leaf molds. We will create our own exciting animal patterns. Under-glazing, staining, and overglazing will be taught to complete this project. Ages 16-Adult

Mountain Landscapes & Watercolor Techniques

We will examine and practice the style of contemporary artist Jen Aranyi, known for drawing simple, abstract mountain ranges, and painting skies with watercolors using special techniques. We will also explore the diverse ways to finish the foreground. This will require some drawing skills with pen and ink but do not let that intimidate you, this class is for everyone! Ages 16-Adult

My Art Story

Narrate an epic journey using paper, paint, and clay! Craft a personalized booklet filled with your vibrant paintings and sketches. Dive into the realm of clay sculpting to breathe life into your painted stories. Finally, conclude your artistic odyssey by adorning your sculptures with colorful paintwork and glazes, bringing your tale into a vivid piece of sculpture. Ages 6-9