Bemis School of Art

Molly Lord, Visiting Artist


It all started with a Beatles album. Age 8.

From the moment she lowered the needle on her first vinyl record, one question stirred in her mind and remained. “What really happens when music crawls inside our heads?” After decades in the field of human behavior patterns—teaching, directing non-profits, teaching conflict resolution, and mediation in the criminal justice system—Molly followed a hunch, and her muse. Linking our personality traits with the music we love, she discovered the answer to that earlier question!

Molly has guided thousands nationwide—via her Jungian-based workshops—to put that pile of CDs, vinyl, and your favorite playlist to work. She inspires organizing music to shift your state of mind, the cells in your body, and even that off-center feeling that’s been dogging you. Her work’s rave reviews claim a refreshing, humorous style, and music-infused results that traditional lectures just can’t tap. She hits stunning, life-altering notes—each time, every time.

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