Bemis School of Art

Linda Sagastume


Linda Sagastume graduated with a B.A. degree from Colorado State University. As a long time resident of Colorado Springs, the Bemis School of Art has played an important role in her development as an artist. After leaving the arena of business where she worked as an owner of Martinson Hallmark, and a real estate sales associate, she is now dedicating her time to art. In business her focus was the end result, productivity, and increased sales. Now, Linda is dedicated to process and the creative expression which emerges from exploring mixed media techniques. Using found objects, ephemera, words, acrylic paint, charcoal, ink, she creates journal pages and paintings from an intuitive place. By giving new life to these objects and forms, she has discovered how process impacts creativity and serves as a springboard for bolstering her artistic expression.

“Art Journaling helped me tap into my creative intuition. It truly impacted the way I paint and unleashed new abstract expression in the form of vibrant colors, personal symbols, and bold design. Focusing on process lead me to discover a more authentic language in my paintings and a deeper trust in my creative spirit.”

Linda’s work has been published in The Stampington Company’s publications of Somerset Studio, Gallery, and Art Journaling. Her paintings have been accepted into juried shows at Cottonwood, Boulder Street Gallery and Commonwheel Artists Gallery. In 2015 she was asked to paint the Fine Arts Center Butterfly sculpture for the Year of O’Keeffe, Black Iris Gala. The piece was sold at the Gala auction and purchased by Penrose St. Francis Hospital and sits in the courtyard bringing joy to onlookers who find themselves at this center devoted to healing. Presently she is an instructor at The Bemis School of Art at Colorado College. Linda has travelled extensively and enjoys the splendor of art galleries and museums. Take a closer look at this artist by visiting her website

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