Bemis School of Art

Maggie Quinn


Colorado Springs has been home to Maggie Quinn for her entire life. California College of Art, CU Boulder, and Colorado Mountain College provided the educational foundation for her study of the arts. Classical drawing and painting, jewelry design, photography, and pottery were major courses of study. Travels and field expedition study with top ceramicists from around the globe have added a sense of current influence to her work today. Porcelain and wood-fire are continual media and process that she brings to her gallery. The camaraderie and risk that comes from firing clay to temperatures of 2,300°F or more, in a hand fed wood burning kiln, has embedded the lifestyle of the potter into her being. Forms in nature serve as a muse, all media the platform, while ceramics remain the passion of her creation. Original hand drawn sepia ink images are often subject matter for her ceramic canvasses.

In the execution of her pieces, Maggie brings to the audience humor and wonder with a bit of satire. Holding ceramic media as the main venue for her artistic story she blends form and subject matter into functional pieces that tell a story.

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