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Acrylic Painting III

Take it to the next level and become a painting master! This course will focus on how to create details using different techniques to make your own unique piece. You will learn and explore how to make your acrylic masterpieces stand out through amazing paint effects. Adults

Fundamentals of Drawing

This class is intended for students familiar with the basic tools and beginning skills of drawing and picture-making. We'll explore more advanced concepts such as lighting and shading, rendering techniques, perspective, and understanding the picture plane. By the end of class, we will have greater confidence in our artistic expression! Ages 9-12

First Time Wheel Throwing

This class is for the true beginner with no experience or one previous wheel class. If you've never tried the wheel and would like to learn in the company of other beginners, then this is your time! Learn the basics of clay wheel throwing while developing the skills needed to make an infinite number of future clay items. 16-Adult

Wheel Throwing: The Wolfe Approach

Where do you draw the line between practice and finished product? What makes your pieces exceptional? This class explores the differences between learning how to throw and deciding what to make. Design, plan, and execute pieces that you (and others!) are happy with. 16-Adult

The Business of Art

Are you an artist trying to showcase your art? Learn to create more products from your art as a marketing and sales advantage. The phrase "starving artist" will be no more! This course will help artists find ways to network, start a business, understand the business side of art, and, most importantly, help them share their artwork. The "where do I start" question will be addressed, and by the end of the course you will have a better understanding of how to get started and make your own artwork the driving point and business that you envision. Adults

Southwest Watercolors

Are you inspired by the arid beauty of the southwest? Come learn how to capture the ever-diverse fauna and flora of these beautiful and brutal landscapes. Students will learn about landscape composition, working from (photo) reference, dramatic shading, and so much more! Adults

ArtTrax: Drawing I

In this course, you will learn the basics of drawing, such as contour lines, light and shadows, and how to embody gestures. Bemis ArtTrax is a new curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting, drawing, and sculpting through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art but rather on developing a basic skill set through practice and repetition. No prior knowledge or experience in the medium is needed or expected for level I classes. The courses proceed sequentially, each level building upon what was previously presented. 16-Adult

Introduction to Gouache Painting

Gouache, or opaque watercolor, is a terrific and under-appreciated medium! Imagine painting in watercolor “dark to light” just like oils. Fix mistakes with ease. Clean up in seconds. Paint thin or thick as you please. Remember those fantastic old Disney backgrounds? Yes, those were gouache paintings. You can paint anything with gouache and in this class, you’ll learn how and when to use different consistencies, layer details and surfaces, and paint with confidence. 16-Adult

Painting BIG

This class is for artistic kids who crave MORE. Over this course, we will paint two large-scale paintings in acrylic on a subject of their choosing. Learn how to use acrylic paint properly, how to plan a composition, pick references, understand value, and make smart color choices, as well as techniques for painting BIG! This class is focused on fun with sneaky lessons about art principles woven in (like veggies in mac and cheese). Ages 6-9