Bemis School of Art

Ken Monefino


Ken is a talented artist known for their creative prowess and profound artistic expression. Based in Colorado since 2019, they have developed a deep affinity for the majestic mountains that surround them. With a wealth of artistic education spanning 16 years across various art disciplines, Ken’s passion for creation shines through their remarkable body of work.

Having graduated from the Tom Savini School of Special Effects in 2016 with an associate degree in special arts, Ken has continued to showcase their artistic talents in numerous exhibitions, earning accolades and recognition for their work. For Ken, art is more than just a means of creative expression; it serves as a powerful tool for healing trauma and conveying emotions.

Their artistic inspiration draws from diverse experiences acquired through extensive travels across the country, living in different states, and exploring international destinations. Nature and adventure fuel their creative spirit, reflected in their art that captures the essence of human emotions, explores contrasting concepts, celebrates the power of nature, and finds beauty in imperfection. Ken’s artistic focus encompasses sculpting, casting, collage, and fabrication, showcasing their versatility and craftsmanship. In an intriguing twist, Ken’s passion for art is matched by their love for exotic pets. They are the proud owner of two scorpions and ten tarantulas, adding a touch of fascination to their artistic persona.

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