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Raku Leaf Shadowboxes

This class, for beginning and intermediate skill levels, will teach the basics of the Raku firing process in creating shadowbox wall hangings imprinted with fall leaves. You will finish with matte and gloss copper or crackle glaze before firing your art to hang and enjoy. Tools and materials are provided, just bring your imagination and join the serendipitous fun of the Raku firing process! Adults

More Rings are Better than One

Step up to the next level and challenge your beading skills with the flat odd count peyote stitch. Different from the even count, the odd count has an added step on each end, making this stitch more complicated. The odd count peyote has a true center, making it possible for centered designs in the work. Students will stitch two rings over three classes using Delica beads, a needle, and thread. 16-Adult

Knitting Jams

Do you have a dilemma in your knitting: to fix or not to fix? Fixing mistakes in your knitting is not for the faint of heart! Join Vicki as she covers the basics as well as complicated methods to get out of a knitting jam. Correct orientation of stitches on the needle, basics of using a crochet hook to run a stitch down and back up, repairing a cable that is twisted the wrong way, fixing a hole in a finished piece, and cutting off a sleeve that is too long are some of the methods we’ll cover. Bring any of your knitting that needs a bit of reconstruction, and we’ll mend a little (or a lot)! 16-Adult

Tuned-In: The Soundtrack of Your Life with Molly Lord

Two wildly fun, life-changing days with very cool people and intriguing dialogue offer life-altering insights and deep music listening from Bach to Rock. Explore how six human behavior patterns (archetypes) –the victim, wanderer, warrior, caregiver, innocent, and magician–aim to run your life's show. Discover how to choose music to positively direct that show to the outcome you desire. Adults

Magic Door Painting

The image of a doorway is a very captivating idea–such curiosity of what might be inside! The drama of a portal serves as a fun project. Bring in your own reference material or work from the one provided. Dramatic shadows and bold color create a striking painting suitable for display. The project will be a finished acrylic painting on a small canvas. Which portal will your door open? Adults

Enameling: Glass Fused to Metal

Develop your skills in enameling as you work with the dialogue among powdered glass, metals, kiln firing, and your own artistic vision. Working with techniques including sifting, wet inlay, sgraffito, painting with adhesive, and other application methods, you will explore the expressive qualities of glass on metal. An introduction to historic and contemporary enameling from many cultures complements your own explorations. 16-Adult

Sensational Sunflowers

Sunflowers--the signal of Seasonal Passage--are begging for attention. One of the most exciting subjects to paint. Learn the construction of the flower. Incorporate light and shadow, depth and drama, brilliant color, hard, soft, and lost edges while staying away from a botanical rendering. Throw in a bit of glass glitter, pastel crayon, gold powder, instant coffee, and more. Create a painting that begs a smile! 16-Adult

ArtTrax: Drawing II

Bemis ArtTrax is a new curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting, drawing, and sculpting through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art but rather on developing a basic skill set through practice and repetition. No prior knowledge or experience in the medium is needed or expected for level I classes. The courses then proceed sequentially, each level building upon what was previously presented. 16-Adult

Simply Digital

This class will introduce you to the basics of digital art. Learn how to create art like logos, anime characters, and NFTs. We will be learning how to create pixel art, add layers, use brush tools, blend, and much more. Discover and use multiple free software types to explore today's digital art possibilities. Students will need to bring their own laptop/computer to class. Ages 12-16

Still Life Sketching

Oil pastels are a remarkably interesting medium for creating a still life with bright colors. Let's learn the basic forms of still life, how to color them effectively using oil pastels, and the techniques to create multiple effects. Understanding the source of light and its effects on objects can look stunning and will bring your art to life with this medium. Ages 12-16

Seasonal Doodles

Let's doodle the seasons! Students will have the opportunity to create a variety of designs and develop them into exciting patterns to fill in blank seasonal templates. We are also going to learn about the interaction of colors and how to distribute them effectively to make our art even more interesting. This class is going to be fun, creative, and engaging! Ages 9-12

Basics of Oil: Hands

Whether you’re just getting started or never have oil painted before, you will see notable improvement throughout this six-week intensive course focusing on hands! Painting the same thing repeatedly is the fastest way to build skills and confidence. Through demos, light homework, exercises, and final projects, your progress will be astounding! 16-Adult

Figure Drawing

Learn how to draw body anatomy, including hands and faces, in this introduction to the basics of figure drawing. We will study proportions, expression, and movement. The focus will be on realistic figures, but we will also cover anime-style drawings. Work will be done in pencil and then finished with colored pencil. Ages 6-9