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Finding your Voice! Self-Expression for Teens

This workshop uses several creative activities to unlock your expressive voice through your art! Zine making and black-out poetry are just two ways we will dive into finding your own unique narrative and learning how to assert power through your creative endeavors. Ages 12-16

Advanced Watercolor Workshop: Achieving Your Goals

This workshop will target those painters who are experienced in painting in watercolor yet who have still unrealized goals in the medium. The instructor will work individually with each painter to develop skills they already possess but want to improve upon. Ages 16-Adult

Drawing with Your Eyes, Head, Heart, & Hands

*Registration is now closed.* Learn the practice of drawing through fascinating exercises, intense observation, refined coordination, and connecting with your subjects. Bring together your vision with your heart and your hands to create expressive drawings. Ages 16-Adult

Exploring Abstraction

Have you ever wondered what makes a good abstract painting? Are you curious about how to begin? These questions and more will be answered in this class. Strong abstract designs are the key to making any painting successful, even realistic ones. Ages 16-Adult

Off-Loom Bead Weaving: RAW Power Bracelet

Large beads, bold colors, and simple designs make a striking statement with this right-angle weave beaded bracelet. The RAW method works well with large crystal rondelles and creates a flower-like center that can be bold or subtle, depending on the bead colors used. Ages 16-Adult

Military Artistic Healing

*Registration is now closed.* Discover techniques to inspire creative skills and gain greater self–awareness. Explore possibilities, develop your creativity, and gain personal insight through working with a variety of controllable mediums. Adults

Hand Building in Clay I

A beginner’s guide to hand building clay, this course covers traditional and not-so-traditional building techniques to create by hand. By taking a ball of clay through the ceramic process to create a permanent object, this class will help one gain an appreciation for this special medium and its important properties. Adults