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Storytelling in Photography

This is a beginner course in multi-image and text-based storytelling. We will be exploring the fundamental principles of photography — light, subject, and composition — and, if all goes well, have some fun! Armed with our new talents, we will use these principles to create a final photo essay about a subject of your choice. Walk away with camera technique, time in the field, feedback, and some serious memories! Ages 16-Adult

Introduction To Studio Practice

This course is for students who have expressed a love for art and wish to create their own art free from typical in-school restrictions. Students will be guided through a simplified creation experience aimed at helping them generate their own ideas. Learn practical idea-generation tools while also reviewing the elements of art and the principles of design. Ages 9-12

Expand Your B&W Darkroom Printing Skills

Love the darkroom? Let’s take your experiences to the next level. This eight-week darkroom class will introduce you to advanced techniques such as split-filter printing, Sabattier printing, and combination printing. We will work on honing your skills to produce beautiful exhibition quality prints. Consider a local art show for your work or build on a portfolio you have already started. Ages 16-Adult