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Storytelling in Photography

Welcome to Storytelling in Photography, a beginner-focused course in multi-image storytelling. We will explore the fundamental principles of photography: light, subject, and composition. Each core principle is paired with specialized time with your camera, fun challenges, and unique locations! Armed with your new talents, you will use these principles to create a final photo essay about a subject of your choice. 16-Adult

Introduction to Stop Motion Films

Learn film editing techniques and how to create storyboards, characters, sets, and movement in this introduction to creating a stop motion film. Form your characters with clay, create their sets with found objects, and edit films with basic stop motion software. Students must bring a recording device to capture and edit films. This can be a cellphone, iPad, tablet, computer, or camera. Cellphones and iPads preferred as they are the most compatible with the software that will be used. Ages 9-12

Expand Your B&W Darkroom Printing Skills

Refine your black & white darkroom skills with instruction in film processing, printing with contrast filters, split-filter printing, and cropping/positioning for artful presentations. We will also explore techniques such as the Sabatier process. Work on honing your skills to produce beautiful exhibition quality prints. Consider a local art show for your work or build a portfolio you have already started. 16-Adult

Photographing with Vintage and Toy Cameras

Here is your chance to have some serious fun using an inexpensive plastic film camera or that vintage camera that’s been gathering dust. Learn how to use simple cameras, with their perceived flaws such as soft focus and vignetting, to create beautiful, inspiring images. This course is a terrific opportunity for those who may be new to the B&W darkroom to learn how to process film and make handcrafted gelatin-silver prints from your negatives. 16-Adult