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Open Darkroom Lab Time

Do you have some black & white negatives you’d like to print but don’t have your own darkroom set up? Maybe you have taken one of our great darkroom classes but have more black & white negatives you’d like to print. Here’s your chance! We are offering open lab periods with expert help on hand to answer questions, help you with a difficult negative, or provide guidance so you can achieve the fine art print you are working towards. Ages 16-Adult

Black & White Darkroom

Enter the darkroom to have fun with silver process black and white photography. In this class, you will learn how to develop film and create unique, handcrafted gelatin-silver prints from your negatives. And you will get to know your camera well and gain a better understanding of exposure, the qualities of light, depth of field, and composition. Here is an opportunity to hone your photographic skills as you expand your artistic vision. Ages 16-Adult

Introduction To Stop Motion Films

This class is an introduction to creating stop motion films! You will learn how to create storyboards, characters, sets, movement, and editing techniques. The characters will be created with clay, the sets will be created with found objects, and the films will be created with basic stop motion software on iPads. Students should bring their own personal iPads and, working on Colorado College’s guest Wi-Fi, will be able to create wonderful works of magic. Ages 6-9