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Pinhole Photography

Imagine using a camera that you build yourself from everyday materials to take pictures from a unique view of the world. We will spend one Saturday learning about pinhole photography and making the cameras. On the following Saturday, we will venture outside with our cameras and then return to the darkroom to develop and print our photographs. You will discover that making a pinhole camera is fun and can yield some interesting surprises! Ages 9-12

Black & White Darkroom

Enter the darkroom to experiment and have fun with silver process black and white photography. In this class, you will learn how to develop film and create unique, handcrafted gelatin-silver prints from your negatives. Although you should already be somewhat familiar with the controls and operation of your camera, this class will encourage you to explore ways to use your camera as a creative tool while gaining a better understanding of exposure, depth of field, lighting and composition. This is an opportunity to hone your photographic skills as you expand your artistic vision! 16-Adult

Expand Your Darkroom Skills

Learn to refine your black and white darkroom skills with instruction in film processing, printing with contrast filters, split-filter printing, and cropping/positioning for artful presentations. We will also explore techniques such as the Sabatier process and will work on honing your skills to produce beautiful exhibition-quality prints. Consider a local art show for your work or build a portfolio you have already started. 16-Adult