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Enchanted Textures of Taos, New Mexico

Taos’ light, color, and culture have inspired modern artists for over 125 years to create inspirational and memorable paintings. Taos is especially stunning in the autumn with glorious textures and colors. Professional artist and instructor Martha Mans will concentrate on watercolor and gouache painting with a special small presentation about how she creates her casein paintings. We will visit a different location each day with a demonstration by Martha to encourage you to try water media techniques designed to help you hone your painting skills. Martha will take great care in making sure your experience as a painter in Taos is rewarding. She will work with each of you in the group and as an individual painter. You can expect her to help you work out your individual painting challenges and develop better ways of seeing subject matter to create more dynamically designed paintings. Adults

Exploring Watercolor

Discover the unrivaled and endless possibilities of watercolor. Build a repertoire of skills from choosing proper materials, brilliant colors, radiant blends, shadow and light all while incorporating traditional and experimental techniques. No need for natural talent. Just the desire to learn the limitless possibilities of this magnificent, versatile medium. Ages 16-Adult

ArtTrax: Painting III

Bemis ArtTrax is a new curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting, drawing, and sculpting through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art, but rather on developing a basic skillset through practice and repetition. No prior knowledge or experience in the medium is needed/expected for level I classes. The courses then proceed sequentially, each level building upon what was previously presented. Ages 16-Adult

Watercolor Mountain Landscape

Discover watercolor techniques and try something new! In this class, we will examine the art style of contemporary artist Jen Aranyi, practice drawing a simple, abstract mountain range, then outline it with black Sharpies, and finish the sky with watercolors to create a galaxy-like effect. We will discuss diverse ways to finish the foreground (in front of the mountains, such as trees, a river, a camping scene, etc.). Ages 16-Adult

Faces: Tips & Tricks

Work on understanding head and face painting and drawing in this two-day workshop. Over the weekend, students will learn proportions of facial anatomy and discover planes and angles of the face and head. Draftsmanship and design of space will also be covered. Learn the tricks for correct portraiture working with drawing the first day, and mixed media the second session. Adults