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Virtual: Military Artistic Healing

Discover the techniques to inspire creative skills and gain greater self-awareness. Learn to use artistic and creative exercise, through therapeutic processes, to develop self-expression and healing. Explore possibilities, develop your creativity, and gain personal insight through working with a variety of controllable mediums. Increase personal management of life stressors by practicing artistic exercises to help with trauma and stress reduction. All classes will be virtual. Adults

In-Person: Military Artistic Healing

There are many benefits to using art to express emotions — art can offer a healthy outlet and an alternate way to communicate something that one cannot always put into words and provides a safe containment for emotions that are expressed. Reflecting on art supplies healing and connection. Increase personal management of life stressors by practicing artistic exercises outside of class to help with trauma. Together, we'll practice for progress, healing, connection, retreat, creativity, confidence, clarity, and calm. This class includes a bi-weekly visit to the Fine Arts Center Museum. Adults

Create A Sketchbook – From TRASH!

Do you have piles of trash in your room? Turn them into a sketchbook! Bring your old paper bags, junk mail, wrapping paper, and other random items, and make them into a usable sketchbook in this two-day course! Supplies will be provided to assemble the sketchbook, but students are encouraged to bring different papers from home to repurpose. Ages 12-16

ArtTrax: Mixed Media Sculpture II

Build on knowledge learned in ArtTrax Sculpture I, while learning some wildly non-traditional techniques and tricks to gain some base knowledge to start building with plaster, clay, and one-part mold making. Bemis ArtTrax is a new curriculum created to provide equitable and accessible pathways to the arts. ArtTrax courses introduce the fundamental concepts of painting, drawing, and sculpting through a series of engaging exercises. Emphasis is not on producing finished works of art but rather on developing a basic skill set through practice and repetition. No prior knowledge or experience in the medium is needed or expected for level I classes. The courses proceed sequentially, each level building upon what was previously presented. 16-Adult

Building A Sketchbook & Sketching Practice

Ever wanted to build your own sketchbook? In this course, you will learn how to handcraft your own sketchbook, AND how to fill it and create your own sketching practice. If you struggle sketching and want to establish a consistent sketching routine, as well as create your own unique sketchbook, this is the perfect course for you. Learn and develop your skills through multiple sketching exercises. 16-Adult

Abstracting From Nature

In this class, students will learn to pull inspiration from nature, and learn to create abstract pieces inspired by the world around them. Students will use a variety of media, such as acrylics, oil pastels, and markers, and will use varied tools for interesting mark making. We will go outside and paint! Ages 12-16

Repujados: Mexican Tin Art

Please join us for a lesson on the history and tradition of Mexican metal embossing or repujado. Repujado, also known as embossing metal, is the art of working in metallic foil to give volume and relief to a decorative design. You will learn how to emboss and deboss on tooling aluminum and create your own design, engrave it into aluminum, and incorporate new techniques into your art. 16-Adult

Water Marbling

Learn and practice the art of water marbling. Embrace the meditative techniques that arise with this art form. In this class, you will hone their skills from creating basic designs to doing unique and intricate works of art on paper and silk. You will gain knowledge on how to manipulate paint on an aqueous surface, as well as hydro dripping skills. 16-Adult

Water Marbling Workshop

Learn how to transfer paint onto fibers! During this course, students will learn three different traditional techniques in water marbling. Throughout this process, people will learn how to let go of artistic control and find beauty in the creative process. Students will create three unique works of art and take them home that day. Ages 9-12

Día de Muertos Sugar Skulls (Partners in Art)

Sugar Skulls are and have been an important part of Mexican culture and are often used as decorations on graves and altars during Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. Ronee Smith will share the history and meaning behind Día de Muertos and will lead the group in making and decorating sugar skulls to take home. Get creative and expand your understanding of a rich piece of Mexican culture! This class is for students ages 9 and up with a participating adult.

The Secret Garden

An art journal, bound in class together, will be used to create pages inspired by the notion of gardens. We will focus on how to combine some mixed media with painting. Pressed flowers and vintage ephemera for collage, colorful tissue activated with water to create puddles of color, flowers in the abstract and expressive sense with paint, and a bit of magenta to celebrate the color of the year. This class encourages the discovery of personal style, intuitive painting, and playful expression. 16-Adult

Mini Masters

Have you heard of Picasso, Matisse, O'Keeffe, or Van Gogh? These are the master artists we will learn about in this class! Create a self-portrait styled after Pablo, cut paper and collage like Henri, paint magnified blossoms like Georgia, and create a starry night painting courtesy of Vincent. Mixed media and a bit of art history come together in this class for a playful approach to making art. Ages 6-9

Start Your Week with Studio Practice

Join us to create dedicated time in your weeks for your creative practice! If you've been looking to incorporate more art into your life, this class is for you! We will experiment with mixed media 2D and sketchbook techniques with a focus on creating a regular space for play, self-expression, and loosening our creative minds. Explore everything from line and texture to mark making and word art, plus creative community conversation topics each week! Adults