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Introduction to Concept Art

This class is for pre-teens and teenagers who enjoy drawing ideas for fantasy and sci-fi worlds. The course will outline a process for guiding the design of characters, objects, creatures, buildings, or locations drawn right from your imagination. You will start by referencing source material and sketching to arrive at completed drawings. The goal is to visually craft an imaginary world and bring it to life. Ages 12-16

Figure Drawing

Learn how to draw body anatomy, including hands and faces, in this introduction to the basics of figure drawing. We will study proportions, expression, and movement. The focus will be on realistic figures, but we will also cover anime-style drawings. Work will be done in pencil and then finished with colored pencil. Ages 6-9

Still Life Sketching

Oil pastels are a remarkably interesting medium for creating a still life with bright colors. Let's learn the basic forms of still life, how to color them effectively using oil pastels, and the techniques to create multiple effects. Understanding the source of light and its effects on objects can look stunning and will bring your art to life with this medium. Ages 12-16

Simply Digital

This class will introduce you to the basics of digital art. Learn how to create art like logos, anime characters, and NFTs. We will be learning how to create pixel art, add layers, use brush tools, blend, and much more. Discover and use multiple free software types to explore today's digital art possibilities. Students will need to bring their own laptop/computer to class. Ages 12-16

Drawing from Life: Develop Daily Sketchbook Practice

Develop drawing skills and cultivate daily creative practice by sketching from life. Learn to loosen your hand, frame your composition, and capture simple moments to create a cohesive body of work (and perhaps a lifelong habit)! We will use simple, durable materials that make it easy to incorporate drawing into your everyday routine. You'll leave with a sketchbook and new practices to explore. This class includes visits to the Fine Arts Center museum galleries and more! Adults