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Plant & Animal Platters

Learn basic slab construction techniques to handbuild plant or animal themed platters using templates, texturing tools, and textured leaf molds. We will create our own exciting animal patterns. Under-glazing, staining, and overglazing will be taught to complete this project. Ages 16-Adult

Geometric Plates and Mugs

Explore the exciting possibilities of building various geometrically shaped plates and mugs. Learn to handbuild with pre-textured clay slabs using flat patterns that fold up into 3-D forms. Design your own flat patterns and texturing tools to build geometrical and self-expressive pottery. Ages 16-Adult

Whimsical Monsters

Create fun and expressive monsters using simple handbuilding techniques of pinching, adding elements and textures. Exaggerate facial expressions and body parts on your monster to express emotions. This process will use air dry clay and acrylic paints. Ages 12-16