Bemis School of Art

Terri Sanchez


Growing up a Colorado Native gave me the opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty that surrounded me and eventually this is what inspired me to become a professional artist. I’ve spent much of my early years as an artist just learning color theory, painting still lifes in my studio and drawing the live figure.  My heart also lies with painting on location en plein air, but I also enjoy doing large scale paintings from reference photographs bringing my knowledge and keen sense and observation of nature into my studio work.

Ultimately my goal as an artist is to communicate with my viewer on an emotional level.  In my expressionistic style of painting, I try to capture richness of bold color, light, texture, atmosphere as well as use simple concepts & design to bring my viewer in. I believe the visual arts are meant to be enjoyed and embraced by all and it is my sincere hope that I can use my passion as an artist to capture these special moments in time and translate them onto canvas.

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