Bemis School of Art

Michelle Mondragon

The nature of my work varies from time to time, but it almost always involves
photography. I love photography in every form. I teach a variety of classes from
the fundamentals of photography through traditional and digital processing.
While my photography training helped me to see the world more closely and
allowed me to pre-visualize the canvas I saw in my head—Photoshop allowed
me to fill the gap between my imagination and the limits of a camera.
My journey began after graduating in 2000 from PPCC with a degree in Visual
Communications/Graphic Design. The knowledge of design provided me with a
great foundation as I learned photography. For me the two creative approaches
are intertwined.
My fine art work has been published in several international magazines.
I dedicate my time between shooting for the joy of the process and teaching
others who share my passion. Having the opportunity to help others discover
their own creativity through the use of photography, mixed media and digital art
keeps me learning new things.
I enjoy being a part of the Bemis creative family and sharing my adventure
whenever I get the chance.

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