Bemis School of Art

Lisa Villanueva


Originally from Chicago, I am an eclectic, urban and Afrocentric artist. I work with many mediums, specializing in clay sculptures and the renovation of leather. An educator and youth and community activist by trade. My desire to uplift our future youth leaders through the arts. I designed a curriculum that fuses art and activism called Artivism. Intrigued by people I see on the street; I am excited to recreate the experience I had with them into a piece of art. You might see them in a friend, family member or a colleague. Nevertheless, they are people you see daily who beings connect with my spirit and ask that I tell their stories thru my art. Look deep, and you too might see who I see, feel how the misfortune, humility, pride and distinction they made me feel. Their voices speak through me and I tell their stories.

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