Bemis School of Art

JD Sell


My work begins most often from everyday experiences of places, philosophy and culture. I will typically take an artifact from these encounters in forms of photographs, audio recordings, video recordings and written or drawn documents. From these artifacts collected, I formulate my thoughts through a continuous practice of more drawings, paintings, installations and performances. My work is directed by notions of the intimate and phenomenological places experienced in the peripherals of my everyday existence. I see these subjects as navigational marks, supporting the way I look, experience and engage with the world.

JD Sell was born in Maplewood Minnesota and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He achieved his BFA in Painting and Studio Art at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Sell has served on the Pikes Peak Arts Council board of directors in Colorado Springs, where he and a fellow collaborator started a Pop-up Art Space called PPAC TEMP gallery. Sell also started a free form artist collective and meet-up called Nonbookclubbookclub (NBCBC.) His work has been exhibited in cities across the state of Colorado.

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