Bemis School of Art

Erin Otmishi


Erin was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but grew up mostly in Indiana. She has been living in Colorado Springs for about five years. As a child, she showed her creative side early. Always involved with the arts. She works with mixed media but mostly paints with acrylics. Nature, music, mythology, and art are all inspirations for her to create. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. Additionally, she had a residency as a showcased artist at Pearl Street Pizzeria in Indianapolis from 2010-2012, participated in many First Friday shows in Indiana, Ohio, and California, featured artwork in the Chocolate and Art Show in Los Angeles, and received Sponsor’s Choice at Palmer Lake Art Show in 2021. She has worked over the years with many people on exploring the creativity within and breaking boundaries and thoughts of art. She hopes to share lessons she has learned about art over the years, for others to explore and express their artistic side and try new things.

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