Bemis School of Art

Dan Regalado


As a part of my Music Ed 1 class taught by Dr. Donna Emmaunel, I was given the assignment of using a camera to take a picture of something up close, medium distance, and far away. I spent the following days looking at everything I could from many perspectives, taking pictures trying to find the perfect subject. Seeing the results of my project that day was not all that compelling but the process of seeing things through a lens and capturing a snapshot of life was.

Now, 5 years later it is rare that a camera is not on my person as I document my life of exciting outdoor adventures, simple gatherings with friends, and mundane life. In all the art I create now, I am trying to understand myself through my art. I try to photograph with the same intent as my late uncle, namesake, and photography teacher.
He would often say, “Connect with your subject, your audience, and most importantly yourself.”

While I ended up finishing my degree in music education, I am now using the skills I learned in teaching and learning music, to work towards my dream of opening a community center disguised as an art school. A place for everyone to learn, connect, and create as we work together to “end world suck”, as the nerdfighter community would say.
Lastly, if there is anything I hope people gain through interactions with me and my work it is another quote of my uncles. “Things are to be used, not loved. People are to be loved, not used.”

I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people in the Bemis Art School Community and hope to see you in one of my classes.

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