Bemis School of Art

Cheyenne Teague


I am a true Colorado Native! I was born in Manitou Springs Colorado and was raised in Colorado Springs. I have been creating art since before I can remember. I am inspired by life. I believe life is long and we should never quit growing and making things beautiful. I love color especially bright bold colors and the look and smell of fresh paint. I am drawn to and absolutely love Art.

Art feeds my soul and runs in my genes. I live it, I breath it, I love it! Its truly apart of who I am. I paint cars, murals, rocks, pots for plants…. well, really everything especially if it feels like it needs to be freshened up. I have printed T-shirts, I am always taking pictures, I love making jewelry and in 2018 I began making Dream catchers. Each dream catcher I make is given a unique design, special crystals and style that speaks to me on what or whom I am inspired to make it for.

When I am not making or enjoying Art I love spending time with my husband, doodle dog, friends, and family out in Mother Nature. You can find me on INSTAGRAM @cheyennemountaindreamers.

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