Bemis School of Art

Cathy Gillis


Cathy Gillis enjoys creating with natural fibers such as wool, silk, camel, qiviut, and more. She is a knitter, felt maker, yarn spinner, and weaver, and spent the past 17 years studying the theory and practice of these fiber arts disciplines. Cathy enjoyed growing up in both Colorado and Alaska and finds inspiration from the natural beauty and majesty of nature. Two years ago, she began working at the Fine Arts Center, as an Administrative Assistant and then as a Bemis Instructor.

About her passion for fiber and creative expression, Cathy says “I have felt drawn to the wooly and wonderful matrix of fiber arts since 2005. I spent years studying, traveling, and learning from exceptional instructors. I love color and texture, and the simple necessity of creating. For me, working with fiber provides a means of contemplation, meditation, and relaxation.”

Cathy encourages all students to ask the question “What if?” and to open their hearts to a childlike wonder of creative exploration.

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