Bemis School of Art

Bethany Alvarez


Bethany is often described as “large and in charge…for a short person.” Her magnetic and joyful personality enables her to easily build rapport with her students and photography subjects alike.

From journalism to biology to dance and even to jumping out of planes, Bethany’s curiosity has taken her down many interesting, if often winding, paths. After graduating with Honors from CU Boulder with a B.A. in Biological Anthropology and a B.S. in Journalism, Bethany began her work sharing peoples’ stories with various Colorado-based newspapers as a writer and photographer. Shifting her focus into portrait photography, Bethany kept her love of storytelling alive by capturing candid and authentic moments in her work.

Using photographic narratives and powerful relationships Bethany is able to illuminate an individual’s unique journey. She creates images that show genuine emotion and movement, often finding tender and intimate moments. When Bethany’s not behind the camera you can find her cutting a rug on the swing dance floor, laughing with the young learners in her classroom, or trying to fit an obnoxiously large piñata into her obnoxiously small car (she had her reasons but doesn’t recommend it).

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