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B2 Art Meets Science

The goal of the Talented in Art program, a collaboration of more than 25 years between Bemis School of Art and District #11, is to challenge and accelerate advanced art students in grades 3-5. The program is develops the student’s academic potential and to excel them in art with an in-depth comprehensive understanding of visual arts. The program includes lectures, interactive projects, writing assignments as well as visits to the Fine Arts Center galleries (when applicable). The Talented in Art program applies the Colorado State Content Standards to all of the classes.

The program encourages:

  • Imagination and expression
  • design and composition
  • technique development
  • strong sense of individuality and inventiveness
  • artistic thinking and problem solving skills

In Art Meets Science, the imagery, shape, colors, and textures of the natural world will be the inspiration for this class. Butterfly wings, feathers, insects, sea creatures, and cell structures will provide rich imagery for art making. With an emphasis on drawing basics and a variety of mixed media such as collage, colored pencils, paints and pastel will be used to creating a montage of masterpieces. By combining some scientific and mathematic information with art, you’ll understand how the natural world and its properties will influence our creative senses. Hone visual skills, as well as developing hand and eye coordination. Students will be encouraged to utilize their critical thinking skills and innate creative intuition for artistic expression.

Teacher will include:

  • Principles of design
  • Review of the elements of art
  • Glossary of relevant art terms
  • Timelines and historical context
  • 1-2 critique writing assignments

Ages 8-11

Instructor: Linda Sagastume

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Non-Member Price: $110



Class Dates:

February 25 – April 22


3:45–5:15 p.m.

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8 sessions

Class Categories:

Drawing, Gifted & Talented, Mixed Media, Talented in Art


Bemis School of Art

818 Pelham Place

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Ages 8-11




No class: March 25, Spring Break

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