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Recon Watchmen Raku Press Mold Masks with Visiting Artist, Virgil Ortiz

Using visual storytelling and sculpture, you’ll learn about the central cast of characters from Virgil Ortiz’s screenplay Revolt 1680/2180 and how they shape the fantastical world he’s creating through clay and multimedia art. Ortiz takes the participants of this workshop on a journey through the processes he used to create his latest characters—the Recon Watchmen. Using a raku clay body, press molds, and as many hand-carved details and embellishments as wanted, you will create your own version. Supplies and raku firings will be provided. 

Level A – All levels welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Exposure to COVID-19 is possible in public places. For the latest information on any COVID guidelines and requirements, visit the Fine Art Center’s website.

Ages 16-Adult

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October 10-October 14


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October 10-October 14


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