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A71 Mindful Music: The Virtual Series with Molly Lord

View these recordings at your own pace from the date of purchase until December 15, 2022.

A wildly inspiring online fun dive into what really happens when music crawls inside your mind. The answer will change your tune in life. Music lovers get your screen cued up, feet propped, a cold drink poured, and the popcorn bowl filled. Prepare to leave the musical shallows for deep places you’ve never gone before. This course gives you access to recordings and is not a virtual or in-person class. View the promo video here.

The first of the series provides you with four hours of intriguing “music and mind” education, insights, and music. Discover three secrets you never knew about the music you love and three intriguing interviews with national music artists exploring their insights into those secrets and weaving their personal music into the dialogue. National music artists include:

  • Molly Lord, Creator of Tuned-In Productions and your facilitator.
  • Thomas Dawson, Jr., Motown Group, The Commodores & film producer
  • David Wilcox, Singer, songwriter, performer & storyteller extraordinaire
  • Livingston Taylor, Songwriter, performer, college professor, author & (yes, brother to James Taylor)

You’ll never listen to music the same again. Your job is to relax, push play, and listen. Really listen. Thanks to a generous grant, the reduced price is offered for a limited time only.

Ages 16-Adult

Instructor: Molly Lord


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Recordings are available from date of purchase until December 15, 2022.

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Ages 16-Adult



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