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Enameling: Glass Fused to Metal

Develop your skills in enameling as you work with the dialogue among powdered glass, metals, kiln firing, and your own artistic vision. Working with techniques including sifting, wet inlay, sgraffito, painting with adhesive, and other application methods, you will explore the expressive qualities of glass on metal. An introduction to historic and contemporary enameling from many cultures complements your own explorations. 16-Adult

Enameled Copper Pins & Pendants

Explore the fusion of brightly colored glass with metal to make an enameled copper pendant or pin. You will learn to clean the copper, sift powdered glass onto it, fire it, and continue the process using basic enameling techniques, including wet inlay, enamel threads and lumps, and others. A choice of pre-cut copper shapes will be available. 16-Adult

Enameling: Layered Images

This workshop explores using multiple layers of enamels to evoke a mood or tell a story. We will explore the different effects of light on transparent and opaque enamels and the shimmering qualities of light reflecting off metal through fired glass. We will consider the visual and metaphorical use of layers and balancing image clarity with ambiguity in service of the concept and design in the piece you complete. 16-Adult