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Tantalizing Textured Mugs

Practice slab construction to hand build tantalizing mugs from textured clay slabs. Build several mugs that are three or four footed or darted with pedestals using simple measurements and flat patterns. Ages 16-Adult

Pleasing Pitchers

Learn slab construction to hand build a pleasing pitcher with whimsical forms using textured clay slabs. Move from flat to free-standing using simple measurements and flat patterns. Ages 16-Adult

Whimsical Lidded Boxes

These boxes are pure joyful self-expressive whimsey! Move from flat to free-standing using simple measurements and your own handmade flat patterns. Ages 16-Adult

Refine Your Black & White Darkroom Printing Skills

This darkroom experience will help you bring your printing skills to the next level. Spend three hours learning to refine your black and white darkroom printing skills with private instruction in contrast filters, split-filter printing, and/or cropping/positioning for artful presentations depending on the student’s skill level and goals. Ages 16-Adult

Introduction to the Elements of Art I

For young artists who have expressed a love for art and wish to create art projects free from typical restrictions in elementary school art classes. You will learn seven of the elements of art as well as the works of many famous artists. Ages 6-9

Introduction to the Elements of Art II

While both reviewing and solidifying the aspects covered in Introduction to the Elements of Art, this course will introduce exciting new artists and mixed-media projects. Ages 6-9

Clay Sculpture

Getting your hands dirty and building things out of clay is a wonderful experience. Starting with a few basic construction techniques, this class quickly branches out to include several non-standard ones, too:  fast fossil, thixotropic, dynamic oxidation. Ages 9-12

Teen Wheel Throwing

Delve into ceramics in a low-pressure and supportive environment: no grades, no stress! Explore a variety of ceramic forms on the wheel with your peers. Ages 12-16

Finding your Voice! Self-Expression for Teens

This workshop uses several creative activities to unlock your expressive voice through your art! Zine making and black-out poetry are just two ways we will dive into finding your own unique narrative and learning how to assert power through your creative endeavors. Ages 12-16

Introduction to Murals

Using acrylic paints, learn how to begin the process of painting on a wall, formulating concept designs, and transferring your design to a surface. Ages 12-16

Drawing with Your Eyes, Head, Heart, & Hands

Learn the practice of drawing through fascinating exercises, intense observation, refined coordination, and connecting with your subjects. Bring together your vision with your heart and your hands to create expressive drawings. Ages 16-Adult

Exploring Abstraction

Have you ever wondered what makes a good abstract painting? Are you curious about how to begin? These questions and more will be answered in this class. Strong abstract designs are the key to making any painting successful, even realistic ones. Ages 16-Adult

Painting the Seasons: Autumn

Autumn colors provide rich inspiration for the landscape painter. Nature is a gold mine of inspiration—what better way to explore its countless variations than painting the seasons. Adults